Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I didn’t post yesterday because I didn’t get home until late and was pretty tuckered by the time I packed for Clay’s and got my lunch ready. Weigh-in went okay. I stayed the same; no loss, no gain. That’s okay. I keep telling myself that. No gain is better than a gain, right? I’m a little worried though because my podiatrist told me no walking or running for a month. I have tendonitis in the tendon that supports my arch. Ugh. But he said that once it’s healed there’s no reason I couldn’t start running again. Sometimes it comes back, but he is hoping that it happened because I changed my exercise routine so quickly. I guess going from the arc trainer to actual running is more jarring to your body than I thought.
So no picture. I look the same. I feel heavier though. Hannah suggested that I start swimming, which is a great idea. I got the schedule from the Y and highlighted all the swim times. This weekend I am getting my bathing suit from my parents’ house and I will start a swimming routine next week in place of running and walking.
I also got my heart rate monitor. I haven’t worn it yet (because I haven’t really exercised) but I am going on a bike ride on Monday so that will be its debut. I love it so far though. It’s a lot easier to use than that cheap Timex. Slightly bigger though, but it displays so much more on the screen that I don’t mind. I also have the big overnight bike trip the first weekend in June. Thirty-two miles one way. Eee! And the first leg is all up hill. Cross your fingers for me! I hope that I can give my foot enough rest by then that I don’t severely reinjure it. I think my bike shoes will help. Hopefully.

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