Thursday, May 5, 2011

Parking in Ligonier Is Inexpensive

And guess what else is inexpensive? A FREE SPINNING CLASS!

It was free because I was Kristi's guest. So please don't flock to the Ligonier YMCA looking for a spinning handout. Because unless you're friends with Kristi, there are none.

About 1.5 minutes in my ass hurt. About 25 minutes in my feet hurt. By the time the class was over I couldn't feel my ass or my feet. Or rather I could feel them -- and it was painful. But boy howdy was it a good workout. I remember when I used to go before (about 3 times total) and I could never hack it very well. I'd just pretend to adjust my resistance because I felt like a fool for not being able to pedal at a more difficult setting. And standing up? Forget it. I sat and pedaled slowly. But tonight I kept up with the exception of one song where I couldn't stand (and that was because my feet hurt so bad, not because I didn't have the energy to do it). Woohoo!

And you'll never guess how many calories I burned. 1,349. How wonderful. Psyche. My HRM sucks ass. It said I burned 177 calories on the drive to Ligonier. If I burn that many calories sitting still then why am I exercising? I should be a skinny little thing by now. I posted a review to Timex's website and got a return postage from Amazon. That puppy's going back this weekend. Screw that. My friend Michael has a HRM that he enjoys. It even has a built in GPS:

It's a bit more expensive, but it looks like you get what you pay for, so I'm gonna go for it. It records your miles too, which I didn't know I wanted until I got an HRM that didn't have that feature. It also lets you upload your data to their website and keep track of it. AND it has interval settings so I can record multiple exercises separately. Notice how the face shows you your heart rate, time, calories, and distance. All at once! My goodness will the fun ever stop?!

After spinning we went to Subway. My whole meal was 17 points. I didn't think that was too bad for a sub with cheese and a bag of chips. And it was delicious. I noticed today, after I researched and emailed Kristi our respective Subway meal points based on what we usually eat, that I am obsessed with counting points. Also addictive: WW recipes. Ask me how many recipes I have emailed Hannah and myself. It's beyond a number.

Stats for Thursday, May 5, 2011:
Calories burned: websites say around 1,000 calories, but I think maybe around 700Exercise: 1 hour of spinning

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