Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New House; New Meeting

It's all a big rush over here, guys. I spent the weekend moving, unpacking, grading, cleaning, fidgeting with knick knacks, and unpacking some more. We're officially in the new house. And, better yet, we officially OWN the new house. We closed yesterday.

But, perhaps the most exciting WL-related thing about my weekend was that I found a WW meeting that I actually enjoyed. I couldn't make it to the Saturday meeting, because moving was too time-consuming, so I went to one Sunday morning. There were significantly less people (seven total, including the instructor), but I realized that I thrive in smaller groups. The leader was a little awkward, but awkward is my thing (seriously, cue
Steve Buscemi). I actually talked and shared a lot of my highs and lows of the week. It was very motivational. I even signed up for the Activity Link, which I will be picking up next weekend.

I maintained my weight this week, which is pretty stellar considering that I dined out for practically every meal (didn't grocery shop since we were in mid-move). Since Sunday, I've been off point a bit and exercise is at an all-time low, but I'm still settling in and organizing stuff in the house. I'm back at work now though, and things are back on the straight and narrow. I don't really know what that means.

Here's a picture of our living room/kitchen!