Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weigh-In and Data Download

I'm down .4 pounds today. That's two weeks in a row that I've lost. I haven't done that many times since January. So go me!

I could have lost so much more this week. Last Friday I was at my lowest weight since starting WW, which was 1.8 pounds lower than my weigh-in today. But the weekend happened. I tracked, which is better than I had been doing, but I tracked after I ate. Now, what good does that do me? If I see that I'm eating too many points, I can't take them back if I track after I eat them.

Good thing I'm usually a pre-tracker.

Things are going well in the activity department. I got in a swim on Tuesday and a gym work-out yesterday. Today I have spinning, tomorrow another gym workout (maybe swimming, not sure yet), and Saturday I'm volunteering to fix up a house, so that will be lots of activity. Ahh. It feels good to be active again.

The 5K was my best yet. Not time-wise. But a few things happened that have never happened before:

1. I didn't get as fatigued as I have on all my other 5Ks.
2. I didn't get any blisters on my feet. Not a single one.
3. My hands didn't swell as much (my hands always swell when I take long walks).
4. It was easier to keep up my pace.

The scenery was gorgeous, and chatting with my sisters the whole time helped a lot.

Clay and I booked our hotel for our Pine Creek Trail weekend. Have I told you that the trail is all uphill? Well it is. Oh boy.

Speaking of Clay, he tried roasted brussel sprouts for the first time last night. Remember those little guys and my obsession with them? Well, Clay poo-pooed them for a long while until I made him try them last night. Guess what? You betcha. He liked them. We ate them with a veggie omelet, which was also pretty tasty. A no-carb dinner. How 'bout that!

Weight loss this week: -.4 pounds
Total weight loss: 42 pounds

Friday, April 20, 2012

You Rush, You Forget

I was rushing through my post yesterday and forgot that I do have some tidbits for you guys. Oh yes, I do.

1.       I’m doing another 5K tomorrow with two of my sisters. This one is at St. Vincent college in Latrobe and benefits The Trooper Kenton Iwaniec Memorial Foundation.
2.       The gym at work is starting P90X at the end of this month. I’m going to get some much-need weight-lifting in and I’m pretty excited about it. Lara, the gym director, took spinning off the schedule. Actually, she rearranged it so I am no longer to do spinning, so I will miss out on that, but P90X has cardio days too, so I’ll get cardio in there. Plus I would like to keep up with swimming. AND, I can easily replace spinning with biking because . . .
3.       It’s bike season! Clay is putting my hitch on this Sunday, my ankle is feeling pretty A-OK, and we’re planning our first overnight bike trip for May: The Pine Creek Trail
See, so I did have stuff to tell you, I just forgot about it. What stuff do you have planned? Anyone out there ever do P90X? Am I going to die?

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I lost one pound this week. I've been diligently tracking and have been swimming a few times this past week.

I don't have much to say. Finals are coming up and I'm busy with that, plus a burst in work activity. The two combined have left me with little time to blog.

But I'll be back! After the semester is over I would like to get back into my picture-a-week posts. So hold tight.

Weight loss this week: -1 pound
Total weight loss: -41.6 pounds

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Memory Lapse

I'm an idiot. I've been sitting on my butt for two weeks waiting for my foot to heal, telling myself that letting it heal is what's important right now, not exercising.

Meaning, I COULD BE SWIMMING!!! Why haven't I thought of this?

I will be packing up my suit this weekend and going for a nice, long swim. I feel healthier just thinking about it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weigh-in and the Swelling

I gained 1.8 pounds this week. I am rocking this maintenance thing, friends.

The twisted ankle is worse than I originally thought. It is still sore and still swollen. So, you guessed it, no exercise this week. Both the swelling and lack of exercise contributed to my gain, I'm sure. But, I tracked all weekend again and didn't go into the red. So I had success this week, too, which I'm thankful for.

I guess if I was going to hurt myself it's best to get it out of the way before the warm, sunny weather sets in. Now I can concentrate on my last assignment and final while I convalesce. By the end of the semester I should be good to go. Right? Right.

I hope everyone had a great Easter. I went to my parents' house for dinner. I planned ahead and pre-tracked my meal, and then stuck to that plan. I didn't over-indulge in anything and not once did I feel overly full. My family got me a basket of goodies. I allowed myself to have a few small things then sent the rest to work with Clay. So even if I gained, I know I did many good things for myself this weekend, and that softens the weight-gain blow a little.

Weight loss this week: +1.8 pounds
Total weight loss: 40.6 pounds

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weigh-in and Psychoanalysis

Hey, remember that time I tracked all weekend and lost 1.8 pounds??? Me too! In fact, that was just this week. I have broken through that maintenance wall, my friend(s).
Here’s the part that has always interested me about weight loss and healthy living: it’s so easy to do and it makes you feel so good. So why isn’t everyone the healthiest version of himself? Because as easy as it is to eat healthy and exercise, it’s even easier to not. Pizza or carrots? Chocolate or blueberries? Seriously, are those even fair questions? I’ve been slacking on the weekends and eating into the red, and then feeling guilty about it come weigh-in time. But this week I tracked, I showed a legit loss on the scale, and I felt great. I felt accomplished, I felt skinny, I felt healthy. You’d think such feelings would be strong enough to make me think twice about falling off the wagon, but when I’m off the wagon, I pretend it doesn’t feel good to exercise or eat healthy. I just pretend those euphoric feelings don’t exist, because that’s easier than admitting that they do, because then I’d have to admit to myself that I’m choosing not to experience them.
What a head game this weight loss thing is, you know? The more weight I lose the more I analyze what got me to this point in the first place. The more I analyze what got me to this point the more questions I have about myself and my childhood and my choices in life. I should have went to school for psychology. Because then I could just self-diagnose until I pass out. Actually, I self-diagnose myself all the time but it’s more on a physical level. Lactose intolerant: self-diagnosed. Poor circulation: self-diagnosed. Slipped disc: self-diagnosed. Who needs these official quacks anyway?
Weight loss this week: -1.8 pounds
Total weight loss: 42.4 pounds

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Twisted

The Good: I tracked all weekend! I only dipped into my extra points on Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure I've been going into the red for months now during the weekends, so this is a giant success for me. I'm happy to report that I still have a few extra points left, too. It was easier to say no to things since those points were staring me in the face. I successfully said no to the following things this weekend: pizza, chocolate, bruchetta, cereal, peanuts, and fruit snacks.

The Bad: I didn't exercise at all this weekend (see The Twisted for the reason).

The Twisted: I twisted my ankle. What a big, fat bummer. I went to the chiropractor to get it adjusted, and it feels a lot more stable than it did, but I will be out of commission for the whole week I'm afraid. So that means I have to be super on-point if I want to still lose this week because there will be no activity points for me. And it's too bad, because The Meadows has Peanut Butter yogurt.