Friday, May 20, 2011


I did a spinning class at the Greensburg YMCA tonight and it was pretty nuts. A lot harder than the one in Ligonier. I noticed right away that the pedals on the bikes were different than the ones in Ligonier. They were smaller and pressed on my foot in a bad way. I knew standing was going to be a problem because of the pain in my left foot (I have a podiatrist appointment on Monday). Also, the motion on these bikes wasn't as fluid. I could not make a smooth pedal rotation while standing. It was all choppy and awkward, which only hurt my foot worse. The seats were more comfortable though, so that's something. These bikes had ten-speed type of handles that shifted back and forth. Although my instructor (who I really liked) didn't utilize them he said that other instructors do.

With all the bad points, it was still an amazing workout. I couldn't stand much, so I tried my best to push myself to the limit while I sat. The instructor, Jeff, was encouraging and the few others that were there (4 total w/o Jeff) were very nice. I am going to see how my foot feels tomorrow but I would like to make this a regular Friday night activity. I earned 12 activity points for the 45 minutes I rode and it was worth every bit.

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