Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Surprise

I wasn't expecting much in today's weigh-in because I had all but stopped any physical activity after Wednesday of last week. But, I ended up losing 3.4 pounds for a total of 9.6 pounds so far! What a great surprise!

I think next week will more accurately reflect my lack of exercise for last week (I suspect your body takes a while to catch up to your actions), but I know I am sticking to the WW plan and I am mentally preparing myself for a break-even and won't be discouraged by it. It feels too good to be true at this point, a loss of over 2 pounds each week. But believe me, I'm enjoying it.

Also, I purchased my heart monitor today. Woohoo! Clay and I are going on an overnight bike trip the first weekend in June (42 miles one way -- eek!) and I wanted to get it in time to figure it all out and test it. It should be here by May 27. I hope I like this one as much as I want to.

In my side-view picture you can see a difference in my body from the previous weeks. At least I can. And it feels great. Also, it looks like I maybe have a slight case of spina bifida in my front pic, but I assure you I do not. I was just rushing around to get in place before my computer took the picture.
Weight Loss This Week: 3.4 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 9.6 pounds

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