Monday, May 2, 2011

Painting Pains

On Saturday, I volunteered for a community outreach project through the company for which I work. I spent the day painting. Now, I never really considered the physical pains of painting since I have not painted the interior of a house in any real capacity. I used the roller, bent to get paint on it, bent to apply it to the wall, used my arms to push it back and forth while applying pressure in order to cover up the previous color.

Fast forward to Monday, which is today, and I am in so much pain I can hardly walk. Yesterday I hobbled around and groaned and moaned when I had to climb stairs. Today I am doing the same. My ass muscles and the back of my legs are killing me. Killing me. I will never underestimate the physical labor involved in something so seemingly innocent as painting. I logged 180 minutes of painting (interior) into and I got 20 activity points for it! Seems like they knew it was hard work.

In other news, I ate at the Outback on Saturday night with no regrets. I've followed my daily point allowance all week and planned out my meal for the Outback prior to going. I knew I would be dipping into my extra 49 points, but that's what they're there for, right? Right. I've also accumulated 26 activity points this week, so I'm feeling pretty good about things. Weigh-in is tomorrow. I have no expectations as far as pounds lost, but I will be disappointed if I haven't lost any.

I'm working from home today and I managed to walk/jog for 20 minutes of my lunch break (once my muscles warmed up it wasn't so bad). I ran for one whole minute without stopping! That's the longest time yet! I also got my heart rate monitor in the mail (yay!) and wore that for the first time to record my stats. I still haven't figured that thing all out, but I got the basics and the rest I will research as I find the time.

Back to work for me!

Stats for Monday, May 2, 2011:
Exercise: 20 minutes walk/jog

Calories: 329
Time: 21.20
Time in Zone: 21.20
Average Heart Rate: 121

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