Monday, May 9, 2011

The Battle of the Restaurants

This weekend, I ate out twice. And neither place was particularly conducive to healthy eating. I’m happy to report success on both fronts. The first: Eat N Park. They have some “healthy” options, but you never really know how those “healthy” meals are prepared. What kind of oil do they use? How much? Or do they use butter? If so, what kind? I think about this stuff now. While WW has a restaurant guide to help calculate points prior to ordering, I do not want to be tethered to a book every time I go out to eat. (Which is how I’m slowly convincing myself that an iPhone is necessary when my Verizon contract is up.) If I know I’m going, I can plan ahead, like I did with the Outback, but both Saturday outings were last-minute choices. Here’s how I succeeded:
I like, and have eaten semi-regularly since joining WW, the following things: bacon (usually turkey), eggs, and cheese. I especially enjoy them all together with mayo on an English muffin. Because of this, I know the points for each of those things. At Eat N Park, I scoured the menu and decided on the Skinny Scrambler based on the fact that I knew, albeit roughly, the points involved in making it (bacon, egg beaters, and cheese on six grain bread):
It came with a side of fruit, which is point-free. In addition to this, and you might want to sit down now, I DIDN’T EAT THE WHOLE SANDWICH! I left two bites on my place. Yes, TWO bites. And they were the best bites of the sandwich, because as any overweight person has done (at least I hope other people do this), they eat around their food and save the best bite(s) for last. So that’s what I did. Only when I got to the final bites, I realized that I was no longer hungry. So I put it down and covered it with my napkin. And it felt good. When I looked up the sandwich on Eat N Park’s website that night, I found that it was only 9 points! I had a 9 point lunch that filled me up. That’s some smart ordering, I think.

(It should also be said that I had a crazy stomach virus on Friday, which led to little eating and a fever throughout the night. By Saturday morning I felt better, but I’m sure my stomach wasn’t fully up to par during this lunch. If I were to return to Eat N Park today, I could probably eat that whole sandwich and then some.)

Later that night, I ate dinner at . . . Wendy’s. Oh no! But, again, I did well. I got a single cheeseburger with everything and a side salad with fat free French dressing. The burger turned out to be 14 points. Horrible for a single food serving, but not bad for a whole meal, which is what it was because the salad was free and the dressing was 1 point.
Sunday was also good for food. I kept my portion sizes in control and allowed myself two beers, which came out of my extra points stash. Even Clay commented on how well I stuck to single portions. It was hard, too, because he made such an amazing dinner. Homemade maple butter on warm, homemade rolls? Shutyourface. But I only had one roll and one teaspoon of maple butter.

No exercise due to the stomach bug, but I’m going biking tonight (first ride of the season for me). I’m finally breaking in my new bike shoes:

Now that my ass is finally feeling better from last week’s spinning class, I think I’m ready to put it to work again.

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