Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My First Weigh-In

Oh man! I just made a huge post and my computer went nuts and I lost it all! Bummer.

I'm beat, so here's a recap: I lost 2.4 pounds this week! Not too bad considering I didn't burn as many calories since I've been running in small spurts and not doing my usual 500-calories-3x-a-week workout. Not to mention that I ate at the Outback on Saturday.

Speaking of which, Kristi and I ate out tonight. I did well. Got a grilled salmon salad, dressing and cheese on the side. Had a piece of bread and a few roasted potatoes. Kudos me. No running tonight. It's cold and rainy here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Sherylyvette.com just made a post about how nice it is to run in the rain, but clearly I'm not ready to commit to that yet.

Oh! I made a goal for myself. On August 13th I am driving up to NYC to climb the 1,576 (or so) stairs of the Empire State Building. It's gonna be awful and awesome. How's that for alliteration?

Man, was my other post so much better. There were longer paragraphs where I discussed the problems one encounters when doing impromptu-dining-out. I think I even solved world hunger with these things:

God bless you, Fit & Active. Here's my picture for this week. I think I look bigger, but I am, in fact, 2.4 pounds lighter!

Stats for Tuesday, May 3, 2011:
WW Points: 37 out of 37
Pounds lost: 2.4
Exercise: fork-to-mouth lifts

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