Monday, June 6, 2011

The Recording of Exercise

This week has been full of record-keeping. Hannah helped me start a budget, I started using my HRM (which records my exercise stats), and I implemented a new exercise tracker that I will be doing on a weekly basis. 

This idea came directly from, and it seems that I use a lot of her ideas (that is also where I learned about HRMs). Every so often she posts her exercise spreadsheet which has all the stats of every activity she did in the week. Now, she seems to be a bit more neurotic than I at record keeping, so mine is a watered-down version, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. This week looks like this:
I realized that since I am not using the arc trainer at the gym, which counts my calories for me, I wasn't really sure how many calories I was burning with any one activity. And since my HRM is a.) inaccurate with biking; and b.) unable to be used while swimming, I've been using various online calorie calculators to get an average number. Unless I go on a 26-mile bike ride every week, which I won't be doing, my calories won't normally be this high. But I don't think that's too bad for this week.

Tomorrow is weigh-in. I did very well this week and I hope that's reflected on the scale. I only used 6 of my extra weekly points and that was for rice cakes and a beer. I even stayed within my points on Friday when I had dinner with Hannah and her family, which consisted of fried fish and mac and cheese. 

I must say, Photobooth, the camera program on my MacBook, is not very kind to me. I think it makes my facial features look small and my head look big. I have a big head. And I had to do some fancy footwork to make my lazy eye look normal, which is why I look angry. I'm not angry though, but I think my face looks thinner.

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