Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I knew I had a loss this week. I had been weighing myself a lot throughout the week to see how my weight fluctuates throughout the day. Anyway, I had consistently been a few pounds lighter than last weigh-in, so I knew I had lost something. But I wasn't expecting the 5.2 loss that my leader recorded. That's a lot of weight. Oddly, I don't feel that accomplished. Because my weight has been fluctuating so much from week to week that I know I'll just go up again next week and that feels worse than a drastic weight loss like 5.2 pounds. Just to show you, here is my week-to-week loss for the past several weeks:

1.) 1.6 gain
2.) No loss no gain
3.) 4.4 loss
4.) 1.6 gain
5.) 5.2 loss

I've still come out ahead 6.2 pounds in the last five weeks, and I am thankful for sure, but I am actually concerned about my drastic ups and downs. I know my body carries water-weight and stress-weight, and all other kinds of weight, but isn't that dramatic to lose 5.2 pounds in one week? I can't help thinking that I will only gain again next week.

I think what it comes down to is all this information I'm given about how Weight Watchers is planned for a 1- to 2-pound loss each week. Also, I've been reading article after article about how slow weight loss is the weight loss that sticks. So am I losing too much in too short of time? I've lost 16 pounds so far over an 8-week period, but 5.2 of those was in one week. The only thing that has any drastic change in my weekly routine are my bike rides. My other exercise and my eating has stayed generally the same.

Anyway, yes, I am excited I lost 5.2 pounds. That's a big number. I haven't been this weight in years, so I'm holding on to my body feeling this way, even if it does only last one week.

Weight loss this week: 5.2 pounds
Total weight loss: 16 pounds
Exercise: 30 minutes; swimming
Calories burned: 317

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