Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Boy has it been a busy/forgetful few days. You know what that means - no picture. I lost .6 pounds this week, which is fantastic. Much better than a gain. I swam for 45 minutes yesterday and then spent the rest of the evening wasting my life away watching Lost. I can't wait until I finish that stupid show.

When I was home on Sunday my mother gave me fresh lettuce and onions from the garden. I've been making sandwiches for work with the lettuce piled ridiculously high. My mother always called those kinds of sandwiches (with a lot of lettuce) Dagwood sandwiches. I asked her why once and she said it was because the comic book character Dagwood was always eating sandwiches with a lot of lettuce. I have no idea if this is a common term or not. I'm saying not. I'm gonna Google it real fast.

Well, it's a common term, but not because of the lettuce. A Dagwood Sandwich is just a sandwich with a ton of stuff on it, lettuce and all. Oh that Pastor Joanie.

But the lettuce is wonderful. I've been putting it on BLTs (with sandwich thins and turkey bacon) with light mayo. And 2 PP cheddar rice cakes for a side. And for an afternoon snack - pumpkin yogurt! That stuff is delicious and addicting. I pimped it out to Kristi today.

This weekend I am going with Hannah and hopefully Kristi to the farmer's market in Ligonier. I hear about it, I pass signs for it, but I've never been there. I'm on a fresh food kick currently. I looked up all the farmer's markets in Pennsylvania and printed out a list of the ones around my area. I'd like to check them all out, which is somewhat absurd because my parents have a huge, fantastic garden and will keep me in good supply all summer, I'm sure. But it's nice to see what's out there.

Tomorrow is a bike ride and Friday I'm going to have another go at jogging and then swimming at my parents (the swimming won't be too much exercise, mostly just leisure). Bike ride (with a picnic!) again on Saturday with Hannah and on Monday Clay and I are biking/fishing. Biking along the river, parking to fish, then biking to another location, parking to fish, etc. Pretty fantastic, I think.

Weight loss this week: .6 pounds
Total weight loss: 16.6 pounds

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