Sunday, June 26, 2011

My First-ish Run

Today I ran for the first time in over a month. My doctor gave me a clean bill of health for my tendinitis on Monday and I waited another week before I did anything too active on it.

My sister and I did a walk/jog combo for 25 minutes today. We ran about half the distance, which was 1.22 miles according to my HRM. So total running length would be .61 miles. And guess how long my longest run was?  Just guess. Go on. TWO FULL MINUTES!!! Can you believe that? I ran for two minutes straight. I think I could have went a little further, too, but I was pacing myself since it was the first time I've ran in some time.

I felt fantastic about the whole thing. I think I've said before how I eat like a jerk when I got home to visit my family. Well, today was no different, so this lifted my spirits a bit about over doing it on the food.

It wasn't necessarily horrible food. Well, some of it was. We had flash-fried goat cheese salads with salmon. They made broccoli cheese soup but I didn't eat any. Then in the evening we sat on the deck and played Yahtzee and snacked on some fruit and more goat cheese. I also had a few chips. Not too bad, I guess, but I still went over my daily points, which went down to 35 since I lost so much last week. Woohoo!

Now I'm going to succumb to another weakness of mine:

Exercise: 25 minutes walk/jog combo
Calories Burned: 160

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