Monday, August 29, 2011

How I Wrote and Hiked My Weekend Away

It’s been a good weekend. I stayed put this weekend (a rare treat) and managed to eat relatively well. On Friday, I met my sisters for dinner at Subway then took a nice walk around Ligonier. After that, I met Kristi at Fashion Bug and managed to snag an adorable dress for only $3.80!!! (There was a coupon snafu and the cashier was too anxious to close the store so she let it go.) I was going to post a picture of it here, but I can’t find it on FB’s website.
On Saturday, I worked on some writing projects that I’ve been too busy to get to, so I didn’t exercise that day, but Saturdays are usually when I eat most, if not all, of my weeklies, and I’m happy to report that I didn’t! I ate very healthy and only went over by a few, which I explain a little later on.
Sunday was a fantastic day. Clay and I went on a 4-mile hike at Lynn Run Park. A full blog to come on that, complete with pictures.
My goal this week was to cut out snacking. I’m happy to report that I did so successfully, with the exception of one minor instance. I visited Hannah Saturday night, after I had spent the day working on my writing and putzin’ around Irwin (please tell me you are in love with Irwin Aldi’s and Giant Eagle as much as I am). Hannah’s home has such a welcoming feel to it that I just slide right into comfort as soon as I enter. It feels more like a home than my own apartment. And we know what happens when I’m surrounded by cushiony comfort (as referenced here), I EAT! Yes, I eat. Every time I visit Hannah, I make a beeline for her snack cupboard and pull out anything from chips to crackers to cookies. Anything. I’ve gotten better at this since starting WW, but I have yet to stop it completely. Now I just look for low-point snacks and limit what I eat. Saturday, I found some fruit snacks and allowed myself two Cool Ranch Doritos (don’t even get me started on Doritos – I could eat three big bags in one sitting, which is why I don’t buy them and haven’t bought them in years).
But I did okay! I kept my snacking to a minimum and it only happened Saturday night. It’s shown on the scale too. This is another non-weigh-in week, but I was unofficially down another two pounds throughout the weekend. Even during the afternoon hours, when my weight is usually up. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning and record that in eTools, but I am feeling very good about my week.
One treat I allowed myself on Friday night:

They have baby ones! (The baby one is mine – the momma one is Kristi’s. Notice how they are the inverse of one another. Ahh!)

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