Friday, August 5, 2011

A Love Affair with a Peach

I don’t want to brag, but I just ate the most fantastic peach in the world. I’ve been reading a lot of Weight Watchers articles on peaches and how they are in season rightthissecond. I love the taste of peaches, but I hate the mess they make when I eat them so I usually bypass them in the grocery store. I did make peach salsa the other week for Clay and myself and it was excellent, but I had yet to eat a peach as a whole piece of fruit this season.
When my mom was down to visit a few days ago she brought me a zucchini from her garden, a nectarine, and two peaches. (My mother is incredibly supportive of me doing WW – what mother wouldn’t want to see their child get fit and healthy – but she is absolutely adorable about the whole thing. The nectarine and peaches weren’t from her garden; she bought them at the store, so she gave them to me out of her own personal stock of purchased fruit. I love her and should do a whole blog post dedicated to how she supports me in my journey.)
Anyway, back to the peaches. I ate one the other day, and it was pretty good. Then I ate one just now, and it was AMAZING! The best peach I’ve ever eaten. If pressed, you could feel the solid body just underneath the top squishy layer and as you bit into it, you could feel the fibers giving way (not tearing, mind you!) to your teeth. There was no crunch of an almost-ripe peach; no blandness of an overly-ripe peach. There was just peach. The most perfect peach in the world. It was so good that I was holding on to the seed just so I could eat the whole entire thing. The seed. That’s all that was left. Just the seed. My desk, hands, arms, and sweater (it’s cold in my cubicle) were a mess with peach juice, but it was worth it.
How lucky a girl am I???

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