Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weigh-in Sans Picture (Picture to Come, Promise!)

I lost 2.4 pounds this week. That means I’m one pound away from a 30-pound loss! I was really careful to stay on-point and only dipped into my weekly points on Saturday and Sunday. This seems to work well for me. If I dip into my extra points every day I notice I gain, but if I save them for one or two days, I’m usually okay. Also, I had very little activity last week. Only two day’s worth of exercise. Normally I get three or four. I’m wondering if that also contributed to such a loss.
This week I have a lot of exercise planned and I’m pretty excited to get back into a routine with it. Today I am doing a spinning class at work, Friday is Kettlebell and another spinning class at night, then Saturday two of my sisters and I are doing a 5K in Greensburg. They’re skinny little things, those sisters of mine, and they’re also fast walkers, so it’ll be a great challenge for me.
For some reason, the last two weeks of October have been jam-packed with things I have to get done. It’s a bit overwhelming, but I like keeping busy so I’m trying not to get too stressed over it. But my nights for the next two weeks are all filled up, so I have to be sure to get my exercise at the on-site gym during lunch; otherwise, I won’t fit it in.
I finally ran out of leftovers so I’m back to my regular lunch salad today. Plus, I snagged another plum at the chiropractor’s office this morning. Success on all fronts, I’d say.
I’m sneaking this entry in at work, so I will post a picture once I get home as I’m not in the habit of wearing that little beige and green number out in public. I only post it on the internet where every living soul has access to it.
Weight loss this week: 2.4 pounds
Total weight loss: 29 pounds

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