Friday, October 28, 2011

What Makes Me Believe in Unicorns (AKA The Soup Post)

The genius that is Aldis/Trader Joes has done it again. I picked up this soup a while ago at Aldis for a very reasonable price (I believe it was slightly over $1).
It sat on my shelf for quite a while, as things always do at my house, and I would look at it sometimes and then think “eh, I’m not really in the mood for soup.” Because, really, who’s ever in the mood for soup when you can have pasta or chicken or cheese or a burger? But fall is the perfect season for soup, am I right ladies?! Why yes, I do believe I am.
Since my life has been insanely busy as of late, and I’m running low on the cash, I didn’t buy groceries this week. I had a few left over from last week and figured I would just eat from my non-perishable stash, which is ever-growing because, like I said in the above paragraph, I just let things sit on the shelf.
So I’m broke and hungry and most of all desperate. On Wednesday night I was also tired. I didn’t want to be clever with my lunch. In fact, I didn’t even want to pack a lunch. I wanted it to pack itself. Then I thought “The soup!” I figured out the PP value, which is 6 for the whole container, threw the soup container into a bag, and brought it for lunch yesterday thinking I could always buy a salad at the cafeteria if the soup was awful.
But guess what? You got it, the soup was fantastic! It was tasty and filling and most importantly, it was warm! I hadn’t noticed how good you feel after eating something warm for lunch. I felt cozy and ready for tea. It was a nice break from my salad and I’m going to buy more immediately so I can have some warm, filling lunches during the cold Pennsylvania winter months. I do believe that spells victory.
I brought this one today. It’s only 5PP! I threw some cheddar rice cakes in there too, also from Aldis. That store makes me believe in unicorns.

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  1. see, warm lunch makes all the difference.