Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weigh In and an Increase in Babble

I lost 1.6 pounds this week, which brings my total weight loss to . . . drumroll, please! . . . 30.6 pounds! Woohoo! I’m 30 pounds lighter than I was in May. How ‘bout that.
I read the WW blogs and often hear some people talk about “experimenting with their points.” As in, eating all their weeklies on one day vs. spreading them out; or spreading them out instead of using them in one day; or not using any; or only using their activity points, etc. You get the idea.
Anyway, I often wondered what the benefit of that would be. You have your daily points, and your extra weeklies. Activity points aren’t a given (you can choose to not be active), so if you stay within those first two areas, you’ll lose weight.
However, I have stayed within those first two areas various weeks and have gained weight. So this week I did an experiment of my own. I only ate over my daily points on the days I exercised. So last week, I went over my points on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. (Actually, I exercised on Wednesday but went over my points on Thursday.) But Saturday – that was a day of gluttony. It was Book Club Day, which means food. Now, the ladies I have this club with are not jerks. Stephanie is trying to lose weight herself, and Hannah is more supportive of my journey than I am sometimes. My point is that the food was not horrible. Stephanie made this FANTASTIC pumpkin chocolate bread that she found on (can you say mynewfavoritistsiteintheworld?) and I made some turkey pepperoni rolls. We met at a local winery where Hannah bought a bottle of wine for us, and we sat in the orchard and discussed My Cousin Rachel. It was a great day. Then we went to Hannah’s to watch the movie adaptation from last month’s book, I Capture the Castle. That’s where I had more pepperoni rolls, and a smallish plate of wonderful food (pasta salad was included). Overall, I ate 60 points on Saturday. That’s a lot of points, kids. That’s nearly two days’ worth for me. I was uncomfortable. I haven’t overeaten in a while, and I didn’t miss it one bit. But I did enjoy all the food!
What you can glean from that is this: I lost weight when I ate more points on the days I exercised. At least that’s what I hope has happened. Because I am starving on the days I workout but I don’t always allow myself more food. So if this works, I can allow myself more food on the days I exercise. The old Points system worked like that, and it makes sense, it's just taken me a while to get on board mentally. I'm trying it again this week so we'll see what happens.
Today is the 2-hour Mt. Everest spinning class. It’s from 4:30 – 6:30. I’m nervous and excited. I already started eating more than I normally would. I’ve been craving a breakfast sandwich for weeks now. So this morning, I went to the cafeteria and got a bacon, egg, tomato, and lettuce sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin. Oh boy, was that good. I figured if I’m earning 29 activity points today the least I can do is allow myself a craving that I’ve been avoiding for weeks.
Also, I did a 5K on Saturday with two of my sisters. Greensburg is no joke when it comes to hills. We were all pretty worn and sweaty by the end. I didn’t shatter any records, but we did it, and that’s the important thing. My legs are still a little sore too, which is great.
As for this week’s activities: I did a step aerobics class yesterday, tonight is the Mt. Everest spinning class, tomorrow is Kettlebell, and I’m hoping to get in a quick walk on Saturday before I head to Stephanie’s to carve some pumpkins, taste some beers, and eat some homemade soup!
Happy Halloween, everyone! (Clay and I are going to see Paranormal Activity 3 on Sunday. I’m gonna wear a diaper I think.)

Weight loss this week: 1.6 pound
Total weight loss: 30.6 pounds

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