Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I lost 1 pound this week. I had the day off so I went to Kristi's meeting in Ligonier. It was a nice change of scenery. I didn't get home until 7 p.m. so I didn't have a chance to swim tonight. But my bag is all packed to swim tomorrow after work.

Also, this Saturday is my first 5K! I'm pretty excited and nervous. I hope it goes smoothly. I'm assuming they'll be a hydration table at some point, but just to be safe, I'm going to take a water bottle with me. I'll mostly be walking so it shouldn't be too cumbersome.

Not too much else to talk about tonight. Gotta get cracking on my book club book. Good night!

Weight Loss Tonight: 1 pound
Total Weight Loss: 19 pounds

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