Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spinning and My Walk/Jog

Last night, I took another spinning class at the Y. If you'll recall, last time I took that class was during my foot problem, so it was a rather painful, albeit rewarding, experience. But last night, sans foot pain, it was fantastic. Mary was our instructor for the night because Jeff, the regular Friday night instructor, was on some long bike ride (in this heat - yuck!). We biked to disco, which isn't my style of choice, but the music is just a background noise once you get started. Most of my time was spent cheering myself on because that class is brutal. We did a lot of hills. This consisted of us sitting for four seconds, standing for four seconds, etc. until we were doing two-second intervals of standing/sitting. You try it. It's a mess.

Mary mentioned that she does a Saturday morning class too, so I looked up the time when I got home and decided to do it again this morning since the classes didn't start until 9 a.m. But when I got there, at 8:45, the class was well underway and possibly even nearing its end; I guess the online schedule is wrong. So I walked/jogged instead on the treadmill. I loved it. A lot. My first jog was three minutes straight! Three minutes!!! That's the longest I've ever run. I was on the treadmill for a total of 30 minutes and I spent 15 of them jogging. How great is that?! It is such a different experience. Much easier, I think. The track has a little give, you're in an air conditioned room, and you're running on a guaranteed flat surface. Not to mention you don't have to constantly be looking down for rocks, twigs, and uneven sidewalk cracks. It's fantastic. I also found that my recovery time was shortened. Outside, in the heat, it takes a few minutes to calm down after a jogging spurt, but on the treadmill it took about one minute each time. I'm going to put this into my weekly exercise schedule I think. At least until this heat wave is over.

Next Saturday is my first 5K. I walked for 1.69 miles in 30 minutes this morning, but that was with a lot of jogging. I hope I'll be able to do the whole thing in an hour. Afterwards, I'm taking Kristi to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. She just joined WW (yay!) and lost 6 pounds her first week! Go Kristi! Anyway, I think every living person should shop at Trader Joe's. That is one fantastic store.

I'm pretty much done with exercise this week. I'll be swimming a little bit tomorrow, but that's just leisurely swimming, not anything too vigorous. But between spinning and my walk/jog I managed to burn 1,145 calories in the last 24 hours!

I'm going over to Hannah's in a bit. Gonna cook up that kale I bought last week. I'm a little nervous about it, but I think it should turn out okay, don't you?

I'll leave you with this taunting image. You know you wanna try it:


  1. Kelly--I'm so proud of you and your jogging! You are going to rock your first 5K!

    Also, you should try making kale chips. It's super simple: cut up your kale, drizzle with some olive oil, season with whatever you want, then place them in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes! Almost like eating potato chips!

  2. Thanks, Bethany! I'll have to try that recipe.