Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I lost 2.8 pounds this week. I am extremely happy for that because I haven't been swimming at all since getting swimmer's ear. This coming weekend will mark the two weeks that I had to take off from it. I'm going back to it next week, but will limit my swims to once a week for one hour. I'm crossing my fingers that my ears stay infection-free.

My swimmer's ear coincided with my reintroduction to running, so luckily I was at least able to run, even if it was only once (I'm taking that slow as well - don't want another injury there either). I got in one 20-mile bike ride on Sunday and swam for an hour or so at my parents' house (mostly leisurely, no laps), but other than that, I didn't get much exercise at all this week.

I did, however, keep a close eye on my eating. I've been staying within my daily and weekly points, but I've been pretty lax about the food I've been consuming. Last week I was a bit more strict and kept to lots of fruits and veggies and I think that helped.

This weekend Clay and I are going to Lake Chautauqua, which supposedly has a bikable road the whole way around the lake -- 40 miles total. If that's true, and we do it, that will be the most miles I've biked in one day. Needless to say, I hope we do it. We're also renting kayaks and possibly canoes, so that will be some great exercise as well.

I'll be tracking all weekend, but will most likely use all my extra weekly points and possibly some activity points as well. Clay is a bit of a foodie so he picked out two restaurants that we're going to try. The rest of the meals will be grocery-store quickies, which are my favorite. What's a grocery-store quickie? Well, let me tell you.

Last year, Clay and I went to Buffalo for a day. We had two restaurants we wanted to check out and didn't want to gorge ourselves too much on breakfast, so we stopped at a grocery store along a deserted (and possibly rapey) highway. Inside we bought a few slices of deli meat, two fresh caraway rye rolls, a few slices of cheese, and some packets of mayo/mustard/ketchup. We picked up a few snack items: chips, nuts, cheese curd (this year it will be fruits and veggies for me), and we sat outside on the curb and made our sandwiches. It was the best meal I've ever had. It felt like camping, only I knew I would return to a nice air-conditioned room later that night. You should try it sometime. Most grocery store delis have plastic silverware for cutting and spreading condiments, and most have packets of condiments as well. All you have to do is ask for them. By buying each component separately you're making a fresher sandwich that is a.) cheaper and b.) tastier. The deli man at this particular grocery store was very accommodating and offered us more things than we even thought to ask. So grocery-store quickies, that's what we'll be eating this weekend aside from the two restaurants that Clay has picked out. We're stopping for Thai too, so I guess that's three restaurants.

I'm falling asleep, so I have to end this. I think I looked skinnier in last week's photo, but I really do think I was just sucking in my gut more.

This week's weight loss: 2.8 pounds
Total weight loss: 18.3 pounds

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