Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Excitement

Exciting news, my friends! I just sent the registration check in for my very first 5K! I will be doing my usual walk/jog combo for the event and I even get a free T-Shirt. I’m assuming I’ll get a number, too, which is pretty official. AND, the race starts within blocks of my house, so I can warm up on my walk to the starting line then start the race with a nice jog. I hope to finish with a jog too. I was a little worried that I would be the sluggiest participant, so I checked out the stats for the previous ones and was happy to see that they ranged from 17 minutes (who the hell runs 3.1 miles in 17 minutes?! Some young 20-year-old jerk, that’s who.) to 1 hour 2 minutes. So I should be good. I’m not sure what my pace is now, but I think 20 minutes to walk one mile will be plenty of time and I should complete it in an hour. But I’m not really too concerned with my pace yet. I’ll worry about that after I learn how to run for longer than 2 minutes.
My friend, we’ll call her “Sara Rabbit,” taught herself how to run. We meet for sushi as often as we can, and last week, over some spicy tuna rolls, we were talking about running. I told her about my 2-minute jog and she said the coolest thing that I never ever ever thought about. This is what it was:
“You know what’s really cool? When you finally get to start counting the distance you can run instead of the length of time.”
She’s a genius, I think. That 2-minute run I managed to squeeze out was .2 miles. I remember looking at my HRM after I had finished and noted the distance. That’s 1/5 of a mile! If I can do that four more times I will have run one whole mile! That will be a huge moment for me.
As if you can even handle any more exciting news, my dear readers, I have also found ANOTHER 5K to walk/jog in October. Kristi is signing up with me for that one. Speaking of Kristi, we are meeting tonight to walk/jog in a local park in Greensburg. It will be my first official exercise of the week and it is much needed. I can’t wait to get back into swimming next week.
I am also trying something new for lunch today:

I’m pretty anxious to see how it tastes, but I gotta say, I’m already missing my fresh veggies. I was going to pack a side salad with it, but I also bought WW Coleslaw too, so I’ll have that instead. Frozen dinners are nice, especially WW ones, because they count the points for you and they’re easy, but they’re high in sodium, so I have to watch. I also got the vegetable lasagna for tomorrow. Next week I’ll go back to my salads.

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