Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weigh-in and vacation

Hello hello! Since I'm on vacation this week I weighed in at an official WW center in Greensburg. I was up 3.4 pounds! Oh my goodness! But wait. It's not all bad. At least I hope it's not. I did Kettlebell on Friday and  I rode my bicycle for 45 miles between Sunday and Monday. So I had some pretty hefty muscle-burning activities in right before weigh-in, so I'm hoping that contributed to my gain. I did have some greasy food, but kept it to a minimum and stayed within my weekly points.

I'll blog more about my bike ride later and will post some photos. I'm in New York until Saturday so I'm enjoying my days by relaxing and reading. Today we went to Chittenango Falls and I got some activity points by hiking down the mountain to the bridge. Then I did a 10-minute walk/jog after dinner. Since activity is limited this week, and I'm at the mercy of my host's cooking (which is delicious!), I have to be very careful this week to not gain anymore. I hope the 3.4 gain was mostly muscle. Fingers crossed!

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