Saturday, September 24, 2011

Everything I've Ever Done, Including My Weekly Weigh-in

This week I lost 1.2 pounds. Lately I’ve been feeling a little lack luster toward the whole WW process. I still track, and I still stay within my PP range, but I’ve been spreading my extra points out more and haven’t been as frugal with my portions. I’ve read a lot of blogs on the WW site about how they follow the program closely at first then start to relax after the first six months or so. Maybe I’m just relaxing. I don’t get out my WW calculator nearly as much as I did in the beginning. Maybe it’s because I've already calculated everything and have memorized the points. Maybe it’s because I’m slacking. Either way, it’s happening. Here’s the good thing though: I fill my day with healthier foods, even if I’ve lost some of that new WW shine. I eat healthier and am more conscious of what I put into my body. That’s worth something.

There are also two more things I’ve noticed that have nothing to do with WW: I exercise differently, and I’m starting to enjoy being outdoors. I think I touched on the exercising part before (how I push myself harder, crave new activities, and don’t quit as soon as I would have prior to starting WW), but this nature part caught me off guard and I only noticed it last weekend when Clay and I went apple picking:

I love being outside now. I love walking, hiking, meandering, sitting on the porch with some tea (I’ve always loved this though). I just enjoy being in nature now. I couldn’t have said that before. I spent a few weeks in France last year for a writing residency and the other writers laughed because I hated nature so much. I guess poets aren’t supposed to hate nature. And now I’m a true poet.

Anyway, the apple picking was fantastic! I urge everyone to find an orchard at once. We picked 1 bushel and ½ peck (or was it ½ bushel and 1 peck?). Either way, I kept singing, “I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.” It was beyond appropriate. Clay also got some baking pumpkins to make homemade pumpkin pie. Here are some more pictures:

We borrowed this crazy contraption from Clay’s mom. It peeled, cored, and sliced the apples for you:

Then we made three pies and I made six mini pies for my Book Club (which is perhaps the highlight of my month. I Capture the Castle = Heaven). The mini pies were 4 PP each. And we still have so many apples left. I’m afraid they’re going to go bad before we have another apple-baking day, but Clay thinks otherwise.

In other news, I now have two Kettlebell classes under my belt. That is some serious stuff right there. I must have done over 200 squats in each class. Last weekend I couldn’t move for four days. I’m a little sore today (I took a class yesterday), but nothing like I was last week. It’s a fantastic workout and I am looking forward to the next class.

Clay and I are going on an 80-mile (round trip) bike ride this weekend. We’re riding from Williamsport, MD to Harpers Ferry, WV on the C&O Towpath. Word has it that it’s pretty ugly with large rocks protruding out of the ground, so wish me luck!

Then, Hannah and are heading up to New York to visit a family friend (her family, not mine). We were gonna take our bikes, but I think I'm going to try to talk her out of that. My bike rack, although good, will stretch out her hatch (permanently, mind you), especially with two bikes on it for that many hours. I don't want to do that to her car. Instead, I'm going to download the Couch to 5K today and start that while we're up there. 

Here’s my picture for this week. If you look at my previous picture, you will see that my stomach roll is gone. It’s not gone in reality, but it’s not showing up in this picture, which helps to make me look really skinny! AND, my scoliosis self-diagnosis wasn’t too far off. I went to a chiropractor and found that my neck curves in the opposite direction of what it is supposed to. That’s why my shoulders are crooked. I’m getting that fixed so hopefully I’ll be all strait in a few months.
Weight loss this week: 1.2 pounds
Total weight loss: 26.4 pounds