Monday, September 12, 2011

Heritage Hustle

This weekend, two of my sisters, my niece, and I participated in a 2-mile walk in a small town near Greensburg. It was part of a 5K, but I wanted my niece to join us (she's only 4), so we signed up for the very doable 2-mile walk option. It took us 43 minutes and I burned 262 calories. We walked/jogged the whole thing, and my niece did pretty well. She did need a piggy back ride toward the end, but she was the main jogger for the whole thing.

Here she is in her race shirt. She got a lot of compliments on it. She was so excited about receiving an official number. And even more excited about the medal she received after the race was over.

Here is a picture of the two of us before the race started:

And here is a group picture:

Afterwards, I took Hannah and we had a fun day of lunch, pottery-painting, library-visiting, and ice cream-eating. It was a pretty awesome time.

Then yesterday, Clay and I went on a 10-mile bike ride. We did it in just under an hour. I kept my HRM on even during our small stops, which took my average speed down, but I estimate that while moving, I hovered around 12 mph. This is a pretty big milestone for me, because I usually average between 8-10 mph. I felt like I was flying. And I kept that pace the whole time. I think my weekly spinning classes are paying off. I'd like to try to climb the Cumberland mountain again. Maybe I'll tackle that before biking season is over. Anyway, I burned nearly 500 calories in that hour of bike riding.

Speaking of bike riding, I only ride my bike on Sundays because I keep it at Clay's. It was most convenient that way because last season I had just graduated grad school and still had a part-time job, which allowed us to bike together more often. But since getting my full-time job, I no longer have mornings off, so it wasn't really making a lot of sense to keep it there all week. So today, I stopped at his house on the way home and loaded my bike onto my car. It's now sitting in my living room. Classy. I've been wanting to do some neighborhood riding after work, and I think this will make that more feasible. I'm swimming tomorrow after work, but hopefully I'll have enough energy for a leisurely ride afterward.

Tomorrow is weigh-in. I'm not sure how I'll do. I expect a gain. My foot is swollen (again), so that will add some water weight, and instead of using my extra WPs over two days, I used them over four days, so I'm sure that will contribute if I do gain. But it's okay. I know I'm eating healthy and getting as much exercise in as possible, so I will take the results and move on.

To bed!

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