Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weigh-in and My Attempt to Reign in My Neuroticism

I was up 2 pounds yesterday. I try not to gawk when the woman is writing down my weight, so at first glance I thought I was up 2.6 pounds. But then this morning I looked again so I could record my weight into eTools, and I was up only 2 pounds. Whew!
I weigh myself constantly. Hannah tells me to stop doing that. But I like it. I find it fascinating how bodies fluctuate so much in weight from day to day. Last night I was up .5 more pounds than my weigh-in weight, and this morning I was down 1 pound from my weigh-in weight. It doesn’t psych me out the way it does some people. I don’t hold it against myself (although I did when I first started doing it, before I understood what bodies do.)
What psyches me out is how I analyze my week after a gain. I spent all day yesterday reviewing my food and activity of the prior week. What I ate, when I ate it, how I used my extra points, what activities I did, the level of exertion in each activity, I reviewed everything. Then I tricked myself into thinking my lunch salad had become so much larger over time and it was too full of points and perhaps that was partial blame. (Yes, I make it in the same container every day, so the size really can’t change too much, but I used an extra tablespoon of dressing a few days last week, so perhaps that was adding up.)
Hannah also told me to stop doing that. Analyzing my food. I think she might be right on that part. Although it’s good to review your week after a loss in order to see how it differs from successful weeks, it’s probably not too healthy to take it to extremes the way I did yesterday.
My neuroticism is at an all-time high in this weight loss journey. But I think you have to have it that way in order to succeed at weight loss. Most people I have known who have lost weight (and kept it off) are a bit neurotic about it. Perhaps it’s only neurotic because most people don’t have to pay attention this closely, but for those of us who do, it becomes a necessary obsession.
This weekend, I wasn’t neurotic. I didn’t plan my meals. I tracked. I made sure I ate within my PP values (with special times for those extra points), but I didn’t obsess about it the way I usually do. And I tracked afterward. I didn’t research my meals to know how many points they were, I used educated guesses. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s not. But preplanning and researching your food is always good, not sometimes good. I guess I was just tired of being so vigilant about what I was putting into my body.
So, I’ll take the loss and move on. I’m trying to get some extra exercise in this week. I went swimming last night (only lasted 15 minutes though because the chlorine smell was so bad it hurt to breath!) and then went for a bike ride through my neighborhood. Today I am taking a spinning class at work. Tomorrow I will do another spinning class. Saturday, Clay and I are going for a bike ride. And Sunday, we’re going apple-picking! I am most excited about the apple-picking. I’ve never done it before, but I’ve always found the idea of it to be incredibly romantic. That’s not much exercise, but I am too excited to not mention it.
One last thing, the last two nights have been very tame for me. I spent them cleaning my apartment, cooking dinner, then making a cup of hot tea, lighting some candles, and reading my night away. It has helped me relax so much that I wonder why I don’t do it more often.
Weight loss this week: +2 pounds
Total weight loss: 25.2 pounds

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