Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last Official Weigh-in

Hey guys! I GAINED a whopping 3.6 pounds this week! Can you believe it? I knew I had gained, but 3.6 pounds? That's insulting. Luckily, only two days after my weigh-in, I'm down over 4 pounds, so I think a lot of that gain was water weight. I tried jogging again on Monday and by Tuesday night my ankles were a little swollen. Will I ever be able to run? I hate that my body is refusing to let me do something my mind is determined to do.

I had a great New Year and I hope you guys did too. I ate unapologetically. Anything I wanted. Any time I wanted. Without tracking. From that I learned the following:

1. I can still slip seamlessly into old habits
2. Bad-for-you-food still tastes as good as I remember
3. I get full more quickly (like to the point of discomfort)
4. After a day of eating junk food, I missed healthier foods (I was craving a salad by Monday)

Now, if I wasn't paying attention, 3 and 4 wouldn't have even hit my radar. I would have ignored those little hints and cravings for a better diet. Luckily, my journey so far has taught me to pay attention to the natural cues my body gives me. I am so thankful for that.

This week is the start of my new, hectic schedule. I have only exercised once so far this week (jogging/walking on Monday) and am hoping to get in an at-home Kettlebell class today. Side note: Aldis has a 3-pack Kettlebell set (complete with DVD) for $25. It comes with 5-, 10-, and 15-pound kettlebells. You can't beat that, folks. I'm telling ya, that store knows its shit. (Aldis did not pay me to say that.) (Although, if they find this entry and would like to send me a check for the advertisement I wouldn't rip it up.)

My point? I am going to have to make a real effort to stay with my exercise routine. I already miss my at-work gym classes and I don't want to lose the strength I built up from Kettlebell thus far. So cross your fingers for me. I'm flying solo 'til April.

I just recorded my weight in eTools. My gigantic gain put me back at 33 PP. Argh! I can't get away from those damn 33 points! (See this entry to understand my frustration.) This battle goes all the way back to October. I gotta kick it into high gear, my friends.

Weight loss this week: +3.6 pounds
Total weight loss: 32.6 pounds

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