Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weigh-in and Winning at Pad Thai

Why hello there. Guess what? I gained 1 pound this week. Yep, the lack of exercise (in addition to the overeating) is catching up with me. So now I’m even FURTHER from my next mini goal. This self-sabotage has to stop.
Also, I forgot to post a picture. I even asked Hannah to take one of me in a shirt that looked particularly flattering, but we both forgot to do so. So I’ll get you guys this week. I’m hoping to have time to take my measurements again as well. I haven’t done that in a few months.
This weekend Clay and I went to Trader Joes (no cookie butter yet; the soonest they can place another order is February 10th) then hit up the Smiling Banana Leaf in Highland Park. Here’s the thing with Thai restaurants: I am addicted to Pad Thai. I can’t even stop myself. It’s been a battle for me ever since I discovered it in London. You remember the Pad Thai Overeating Endemic of 2007, don’t you? I know I sure do. Anyway, when I moved home I was pretty bummed to find that Thai restaurants weren’t as plentiful in Southwestern Pennsylvania as they were in London. Why did that surprise me? I have no idea. But it did.
Over the years I found some Thai restaurants to curb my Pad Thai addiction. But when I started the Weight Watchers I found that one cup of Pad Thai is 10 PP!!! What?! Any given serving of Pad Thai is at least two cups, so that’s 20 PP for one dish, one meal. That was a sad day for me. I’ve had it once in a restaurant since joining WW and Clay has made some various versions of it (he always makes it healthier than the restaurant version), but I don’t eat it like I used to. I avoid Thai restaurants so the temptation isn’t even there.
So when we went to the Smiling Banana Leaf I was a little nervous about my pending choice of entrée. They had Pad Thai. I heard it say my name when I browsed over the menu. But I stayed strong, kids! Yes I did! I ordered the sweet and hot vegetable stir fry with fried tofu (So good!). Still high in points? Yes, probably. But I saved a ton by not eating those rice noodles. Small successes, you know?
Have you ever tried to make a healthier version of your favorite restaurant dish?
Weight loss this week: +1 pound
Total weight loss: 38.4 pounds


  1. Smiling Banana Leaf is delicious. E2 is across the street, check that place out sometime Italian! Also, try the pad thai at Spice Island Tea House on Atwood street in Oakland. (It also has some awesome teas to try, clearly!)

  2. I was looking for E2 because of your blog! But I couldn't find it. Do they hide it during the day? 'Cause that's bullshit, Kayla.

    I'll look harder next time.

  3. It's next to the bakery directly across the street!

  4. Thanks! What dish do you recommend?