Monday, June 11, 2012

Post from Hiatus

Hey kiddos. I’ve disappeared in a bad way, I know. But it’s for the good of summer, I tell you. I’ve been filling my nights with a second job and my weekends with some friends and family. My absence does not mean I’ve fallen off the wagon. On the contrary, my friend(s). I lost .2 pounds two weeks ago and a whopping 3 pounds last week, bringing me to my lowest weight yet! It was too good to be true though because I’m up already this week. I blame the weekend and the Macaroni Salad Incident of 2012.
I worked out six days last week. And one day I worked out two times. I call that “pulling a Clay.” Guess what I bought this weekend after months of thinking about the purchase? My very first pair of hiking shoes. I almost went with the boots that cover the ankles. Clay said that they offer the most support. That’s true, of course, but I felt more comfortable in the regular-shoe kind, so I went with those. In the end, if I’m not comfortable in the shoe, how fun is my hike going to be? And really, there’s a bigger chance I hurt myself if I’m not fully at-home in the shoe. That’s what I’m telling myself. Anyway, the shoes I ended up getting were Columbia brand and were 70% off at Gander Mountain! Get your booty there rightthissecond to snag the same kind of deal!
I’ve been a little bummed about how little weight I’ve been losing. Stephanie says that my body probably just has to live at this weight for a while. She might be right. But I will tell you this: my body is changing so much from P90X. It’s getting more fit and feels tinier. Even though I’m not losing a lot, I’m looking thinner and feeling thinner. It’s so weird how weight lifting can shift your body around so much. I love it.
These aren’t my shoes, but they sort of look like them.

Weight loss this week: 3 pounds (-.2 pounds last week)
Total weight loss: 43.8 pounds

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