Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Succeed with Birthday Cake

I come from a family of birthday-celebrators. Growing up, there were six of us in my immediate family. Plus my gram. And now my niece and nephew. Plus my bros-in-law. That’s a lot of birthdays. Each is celebrated with a Sunday dinner, cards, presents, and cake. It’s been 33 years of this.

Let’s do math.

33 years x 6 people = 198 birthdays

And that’s just for the immediate family members.

This year, I ate modestly. I had small portions at dinner. I had strawberry shortcake for dessert. I went for a 2-mile walk with my sister and mother.

Last night, Clay took me out to dinner for my birthday. I had already given myself permission to order anything off the menu. Anything. I. Wanted. I got the Copper River salmon with lemon risotto and asparagus. I even counted 1 TBS of oil and the meal STILL only came out to 16 PP.

I’ve come a long way since last April. I allowed myself to order anything off the menu, anything I wanted, and I still chose a decent meal. Before WW, that meal would have been a lot heavier in all ways.

Tonight, we paddleboat.

How do you celebrate birthdays?

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