Monday, May 7, 2012

Weigh-in (Belated)

Hello, there! Although it’s late in coming, I was up a whopping 4 pounds last week! I’m not too down about it though because my feet were very swollen from all the ACTIVITY I’ve been getting. Plus, my muscles were sore, which means they were swollen, too. So I was just a big swollen mess.
I weighed myself Saturday morning, when my swollenness had all but disappeared, and had already lost the 4 pounds. So what made me all swollen? Glad you asked. Here’s my activity for last week and a half:
Thursday: Spinning
Friday: Swimming
Saturday: Painting (oh yes, this is an exercise -- just talk to my arms about it)
Sunday: 24-mile bike ride
Monday: P90X Chest & Back
Tuesday: P90X Plyo
Wednesday: P90X Legs & Back
Thursday: P90X Shoulders & Arms
Friday: Off
Saturday: Arc Trainer workout
Sunday: Off
Monday (today): P90X Chest & Back

I should also let you know that I’ve been tracking diligently. I whizzed through my extra points, yes, but I tracked them all and didn’t go into the red. I’m going to see how the scale reads this week and then I might try to NOT eat my activity points each day. Maybe that will show a bigger loss each week.
In other news, Clay and I booked our hotel for the Pine Creek Trail weekend, and we decided to do another bike trip to Cumberland on Memorial Day weekend.
P90X is working out great. I needed to add weight lifting to my cardio, but could never muster up the motivation to do so. I think I’ll be ripped by the time this is over. I need to make sure I get my cardio in though. I did good this week. I’m going to aim for one cardio day per weekend if I can. I wanted to go swimming on Saturday morning but there were no free lanes. I found that after a week of heavy leg activity, my legs were cramping up and very tired. Swimming would have been perfect for that dilemma. Oh well, maybe next weekend.
Back to work for me. It’s gonna me one hellish week I’m afraid.

Weight loss this week: +4 pounds
Total weight loss: 38 pounds

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