Thursday, March 22, 2012

And Suddenly I'm Worried about the Weekend

I’m heading out of town this weekend. And while I shouldn’t be nervous, I am. Why shouldn’t I be nervous? Because I’ve been treating weekends like they’re something unique, like they’re something that happens only once every five years. That means I’ve been eating and eating and eating, never to track a single bite.
But there’s just something different about going out of town. When I do my regular thing on the weekends, I am in control of it. I might not eat healthy, but it is my choice to do so. But when I go out of town, I put my eating into someone else’s hands, at least to a certain extent. Remember my trip to New York and all those wonderful meals that I ate because that was what there was to eat? But, I did the best I could then and I will do it again now. I am going to the grocery store tonight to stock up on snacks for the drive out – bananas, berries, apples, Special K Crisps (going have to get some kind of reasonable, salty chips or else I’ll be busting into full-flavored Doritos halfway through the car ride), celery – and once I get to our destination I will feel it out then catch a ride to the grocery store to make a few more healthy purchases to carry me through the weekend. I’m also packing two workout outfits. Hopefully it will be nice enough weather to take some good walks.
So I have a plan for this weekend. And that’s more than I can say for every other weekend. Tiny steps will get me back on track.
In other news, I was down a pound this morning, putting me at the same weight as last week. Clay and I are planning a long bike ride Monday afternoon, and I’m beginning the final countdown for the end of the semester. I’m going to miss my class, but I can’t wait to fill my nights with outdoor activities instead of homework. I’m researching bicycle trunk bags. Any bicyclists out there have an opinion about these? At first I found them superfluous, because really, who can’t tether any ol’ bag to the back of a bicycle? But after I several times of tethering my “any ol’ bag” I realized that a bag made specifically for the back of a bicycle would only require a fraction of the effort to secure into place. So I’m taking the plunge. Look at me: all this talk for a $40 purchase. I need to calm down.

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