Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Your Very Own Crab Rangoon

Hey guys! I stayed at Clay’s last night and my scale is at my apartment, so I didn’t weigh in today. I will weigh in tomorrow.
But I have a food blog for you today. Who out there loves Crab Rangoon? Yeah, me too. In fact, that’s all I pile on my plate when I go to Chinese buffets. Mostly because I’m not a fan of the buffet (another story for another blog), so I just consume my weight in the rangoons because, really, what could go wrong?
Lots can go wrong. Those puppies are fried and loaded with full-fat cheese. That appetizer is no joke. So how do you get your crab rangoon on? You make a light version in the comfort of your very own home, that’s how! And if you aren’t sure what spices to put in them, just have Clay make them for you.
For ours we used (or rather, Clay used) one package of 1/3 fat cream cheese, 1 can of crabmeat (our pick was Bumble Bee brand, based solely on this song), and 1 package of wonton wraps. Mix the cheese and crab meat together and add some spices (Clay added a dash of ginger and soy sauce). Then spoon the mixture onto a wonton wrapper, sprinkle the edges with water, fold over, and seal. Voila!

These guys only took about 8 minutes to bake in a 350o oven, too. Clay flipped them over halfway through.
Now I’ll let you guess how many points each one is. Go on. The whole batch of filling made 20 rangoons. I plugged the recipe into my WW iPad recipe app and it came out to 1PP per rangoon. One! That’s it! Eat up, kids. 
While Clay was making the Crab Rangoon, I was having a go at making this thing:

I took a bag of frozen berries from Trader Joes (be sure to get the no-sugar-added kind; just frozen fruit!) and sprinkled on 1Tbsp of sugar. I let that sit while I layered a muffin pan with two wontons per hole. I did this because I knew the fruit juice would soak through the first wonton, so a second layer was needed just to be safe. After the wrappers were in place, I spooned in my fruit. Then I baked them. For these I turned the oven down to about 275o and left them in for about 20 minutes. I don’t know why I did this. Actually, that’s a lie. I did it because that’s how you bake apple pies. Low temperature for a long time. Turns out that was a good decision on my part (Kudos, Kelly, Kudos) because they were pretty awesome. Since they have two wonton wrappers plus the sugar, these are 2 PP each. Not bad for a dessert, I’d say.

The camera on my phone doesn't take the most appetizing of pictures, but I hope you still try to make your own versions. Maybe your phone's camera will make the food more aesthetically pleasing.


  1. Oh my, thanks for sharing! I love crab ragoons!!

    1. Me too! Hope you try this recipe out and love it as much as I did.