Saturday, November 12, 2011

Major Fail in the Cupcake Department

Hi guys. I've been neglecting my blogging, haven't I? No fear, I haven't completely fall off the wagon, although I think maybe my one leg is dragging on the path.

I lost one pound this week, which is pretty good. I know I mentioned this before, but I've been pretty relaxed about my eating. The newness of WW is wearing off and even though I still track and am making healthier food choices in my life, I am pretty haphazard about the weekends. Like today, I went to my nephew's first birthday party. I kept track, came home, entered it into eTools, and about shit when my points totaled 72! OMG I didn't even eat a real meal and I'm still hungry! Back at the beginning of WW, I would have had MAYBE one cupcake with no ice cream. But today, today I ate two cupcakes and two servings of ice cream. Why? Why would I do that? It wasn't even a to-die-for cake flavor and the ice cream was just vanilla. I DON'T EVEN LIKE CAKE AND ICE CREAM THAT MUCH!

Old habits, my friends. They're like cold sores. Just when you think you're through with them, they show up on your lip again.

I blew through my extra points, but I have 30 activity points and am going to the gym tomorrow morning to earn some more. That last part is important because tomorrow I'm going to an early Thanksgiving dinner at Clay's sister's house. Oh boy. I could eat my weight in stuffing.

There were good things this week, too, and I need to mention them so I don't convince myself that I'm a total sloth. Counting tomorrow, I will have worked out four days this week. I have also eaten within my points every weekday (although I went over by eight last night), and my size 16 jeans fit very nicely now. So there are some successes here.

But now I must be domestic. Fold laundry, wash dishes, and hum my way through both activities.

Oh! I accidentally bought a Christmas tree and all the necessary ornaments to go with it. This is a big deal because I have never owned a Christmas tree before. Too high maintenance. But I'm pretty pumped about the holidays this year and am getting all fuzzy just thinking about it. I'm having a tree-decorating night with Hannah and Hannah (friend and niece) and will be sure to post some pics.

Weight loss this week: 1 pound
Total weight loss: 31.2 pounds

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