Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Legs and Bunnies

My body is a giant mass of ripped muscle right now. I walked/jogged tonight (mostly walked), and also did some leg exercises with my friend Hannah. Squats? Shut your face. I thought things were okay, I even thought "This is nothing. I run on the arc trainer all the time. I got this, girls. I. Got. This." Only I didn't have it because when I walked down the stairs my legs turned to jello and each step felt like a free fall to the next, that's how little muscle control I had.

But it feels good to mix things up. I thought I was going to take today off from exercising, but I guess not. So tomorrow. Only I want to jog more. It's so addicting! I only run a few seconds at a time (tonight I ran for 40 seconds in a row! And I ran UP a hill!) but it feels good to be able to do even that. I know I'll work up to doing more.

I love love love Greensburg. The hills, the quiet residential streets with dogwood trees and lilac bushes, the porches with ceramic cats, the bakeries with worn signs where the smell of fresh donuts and bread linger outside the door long after closing time. It was a good walk.

This weekend, Clay and I are going on a picnic/biking/fishing trip (first ride of the season - woohoo!) and I get to pick the menu since my diet is more restrictive than his. I'm going with fruit, a turkey cajun wrap and a brown rice salad, the latter two of which I found on the WW website.

AND, I ate so well today that I had enough points at the end of the day to have one of these little guys:

I know it says "6 Bunnies," but I only had one. I promise. And I still have one point to spare!

Stats for Wednesday, April 27, 2011:
WW Points: 36 out of 37
Exercise: 45-minute walk; 20-minute weight lifting (legs)

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