Saturday, April 13, 2013

How I'm still working on it

It’s funny how excitement dwindles, isn’t it? I started this blog with the same excitement I started Weight Watchers. As you can see, my updates on this blog have been sporadic at best. And my current excitement toward WW has dwindled just the same.

The newness has faded, I am down to 30 points per day (I started at 38), and I’m finding it difficult to find that new-relationship feeling with WW, which directly relates to this blog, so the blog suffers by default.

But I’m still going! I am right on the edge of my 50-pound mark. Fifty pounds! Can you imagine? I’ve been right on that edge for months now, though. I just can’t seem to push myself into the strict regimen that is necessary to get there. I go over my daily point every day. Sometimes on stuff I merely want even though it has little nutritional benefit, and sometimes on food that actually fuels my body. Either way, I go over. Thirty points a day is not many points, and I’m just struggling to adjust my eating habits into such a small space.
However, I am in the best shape of my life. I am healthy. I can say that with sincerity. I finished a three-month Tabata class at work, which is a high-intensity training class. It was magnificently hard, but I lost 13.5 inches in the process.

I also have shoulders now! And a waist that isn’t the same size as my hips! Two things that I will always be proud of.

I doubt you’ll remember, but back when I first started this blog, I talked about doing a sprint triathlon. It’s taken me two years, but I finally signed up for one. It’s in September in Kentucky. Some fellow WWs are coming for support, a few are considering doing a relay team at the tri, and one is doing the whole tri with me. I start my training next month. I would have never been able to do this before I started WW.

So I guess I just wanted to stop by to tell you that I’m still going. Hovering around the same weight, but each day I feel like I’ve created a new lifestyle.

I took a progress picture, which is below. I also put my original picture beneath it, so you can see the difference. Enjoy!

February 2013

April 2011

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