Monday, October 22, 2012

Apple Picking

Things are happening very quickly here, guys. We’re closing on the house this Friday, I have mid-term essays to grade and conferences to hold for my class, and it’s the new fiscal year at work, so things are super duper busy.
Plus, I decided to sign up for WW meetings again. I gained a bit last week, leaving me in the same five-pound range that I’ve been in since January 2011. I’m hoping meetings will help my mojo kick in again.
This past week I managed to work out five times despite my busy schedule. One of those times was a hot yoga class on Saturday morning. It felt nice to start the day with some sweating and stretching. My shoulder stands are getting pretty fantastic.
Sunday, Clay and I went apple picking with my parents and niece. It was a good time, and we got a ton of apples that we can use to bake all sorts of stuff in our new house. Can you say double oven???
Here’s Clay and Hannah. They make a pretty great team. Of course, what's a picture without getting my thumb involved?

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